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2014 Carpet Design Trends for your Home

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets Team

If you’ve found yourself staring at beige walls, carpets and upholstery at any point in the last two decades wondering where all the fun and excitement has gone then you’re in for a treat. There are rumblings emerging that 2014 could be the year we take back our carpets and inject some real design back into them. The upcoming carpet design trends are all detailed in our article below but don’t get too excited just yet; there is no return on the cards to the garish days of old.

Bold colours will definitely not be making a comeback unless you have an expressive streak to your interior designing. The focus has always been on giving a blank canvas for you to arrange modern furniture onto with little thought to anything other than the colour. Here is our essential guide to the carpet design trends emerging for next year.



Carpet Design trends: Coloured Carpet

As mentioned already we could see a shift away from beige when it comes to carpeting. It is not quite a backlash for colours, there won’t be any fluorescent pink for now, but rather just create a backdrop you can make your carpet part of the colour scheme. Light blushes of colour or pastel versions of your colour scheme are a great way of putting a little zip back into your home but also means you’ll keep up with the fashion.

A risk with beige is that you’ll end up with darker patches and stains show up more easily, this is still something of a risk when you have something a little more colourful but less so than wine or mud on beige. If you want an easy way to make your home stand out from others in a subtle way then colour is the way to go.



Something a little more exciting than a change of colour is texture. Previously you would have been made to get a lumpy or raised pattern carpet but now they seem to add a range of different assets to your interior. When you have a raised texture to your carpet it adds character and it doesn’t matter if it’s a little fuzzy and tough. You get a homely feel and yet it isn’t something personal so the carpets will still appeal to the taste of others.

If you want something more elegant then you might want to consider a raised pattern. These carpets don’t have a pattern so pronounced that you trip, it’s more of a fashion style, something more opulent than a fuzzy rug. These designs mean that the focus of design can shift to your carpet just as much as any other part of the room when textured.



Textured carpetYou will no doubt have already spotted carpets which look vastly different from the humble, flat beige carpet. The new materials and techniques which dictate the way a carpet is made can offer a variety of appealing new styles, including natural carpets. You can have a high or low loop yarn, each with a different feel underfoot and there are even options to have the carpet yarn constructed as swirls, lattices and bows. All this adds character to a part of your home previously stagnant.


In real terms 2014 could go anywhere when it comes to the style of carpets, but what is most notable about the trends mentioned is that you have options, there isn’t a must-have, more a sense that you can have something different whilst not feeling that you’ve ruined the décor.


To find out more about the latest trends then contact the expert carpet fitters at Pyramid Carpets, we have a range of materials, colours and textures to help you build an interior which feels like home to you.

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