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How to get the most from your showroom visit

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

With the New Year firmly upon us, many homeowners are choosing to redesign their interiors. If you’re seeking to create a bright new space, a cosy refuge or somewhere in between, we’re here to help you discover the perfect carpet for your home. Here’s our guide to making sure you get the most possible from your visit to our Sheffield showroom.


Know your space beforehand

Take measurements of your floor to the showroom, along with a calculator. Write down the information you need to know to make an informed choice: even if you have to go back home to think about it, it’s better to be able to rule out the wrong choice while you’re there. If you’re planning a full room redesign, consider taking a piece of your new wallpaper or making notes of the colours of curtain, sofa or cushion material to get an informed view of what goes with what: you need your entire room to fit together after all.


Establish quality

Know the right carpet for you when you see it. Learn to fold the carpet to reveal the density of the threads (it’s this, and not ‘thickness’, that creates a feeling of fullness and support.) Remember, you’re buying a carpet as an investment that will last years or even decades: something crucial that will undergo heavy wear and tear and can even impact on the value of your house when you eventually choose to sell. A sturdy carpet will, for instance, literally weigh more: there’s more material and a higher density of fibre, which will increase its durability. Along with the twist of fibres and the type of fibres involved, this durability is an important measure of toughness. You can compare the durability of carpets with the same twist & materials in this way by using the ‘face weight’ measure to calculate the amount of material used in different coverings: the more there is, the more rugged your carpet. Knowing as much as possible about the construction methods and materials of your carpet will make all the difference in deciding which to use.


Speak to the experts

Showrooms are a great chance to have a chat with carpeting experts, and get all your questions answered. Some will definitely lean towards a sales pitch, naturally, but reputable suppliers will always let you make up your own mind. Just be clear that you’re considering, but not sold on a certain carpet or even a certain showroom: use their knowledge to your advantage. At Pyramid, our experts are always available to provide impartial advice to help you make the right decision for you.


Compare Prices

Shop around, not just for range and quality, but for prices too. Re-carpeting your home is not cheap, and nobody wants to walk into their home and be reminded of the money they could have saved by comparing prices. Visit as many different showrooms as possible, and research, research, research! Don’t just shop around for the carpet, but rather make sure you know how much space you have to fill, the kind of underlay you need and any other considerations that might affect your choice.


Learn the lingo

Carpeting your home can seem like a big project: so get on top of the nitty gritty first by taking the time to nail down the terminology. There’s a surprising amount of science to carpets, from heat retention to thread density, to materials used and construction. Get your tuft twists sorted out from your face weights, and know your triexta from your olefin fibres, so you can step into the showroom with confidence, rather than risk bewilderment.


Choose the carpet you love!

There’s no better way to settle on your perfect carpet than by seeing it first-hand! Use the opportunity to peruse the options on offer: remember there’s a chance you may fall for a flooring option you’d never considered before! That said, don’t buy impulsively or prematurely. Take time to ensure you end up with the exact carpet you want. Fortunately, at Pyramid Carpets, we stock a vast range of flooring, carpets and rugs to ensure maximum choice, quality and value whatever your flooring needs.

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