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How can a good carpet save you money?

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets


When decorating your home, a long term-vision for the improvements you want to make is essential. Redesigning on a whim, or making decisions based on the short term, only sets you up for disappointment in the future. The need to make sensible long-term decisions can be increased by the cost of a redesign, especially in a commercial property or office. In these cases, your redecoration becomes an investment, with real potential to provide a return or imply further costs down the road, if not carefully chosen. If picking a carpet for your home, this is simply expressed as value for money, something equally important. So if you’re planning a redesign, how can you make sure your carpet delivers the best value for you.


Cut cleaning costs

No carpet or the wrong carpet can lead to alarming damage. Scratching, staining, scuffing, spills or burns can all occur if you don’t consider your choices carefully. High traffic areas are especially important when it comes to choosing an easily cleaned, durable carpet. This goes for the office, but especially for the home, where children and pets can damage your flooring. Choosing an expensive luxury carpet might seem an attractive idea, but could backfire if it turns out to be fragile or easily marked.

Offices as well as the home spend a lot on cleaning and maintenance, but in many cases money could be saved if a good, durable carpet were fitted. Office chairs, desk feet and heavy footfall all demand a carefully considered choice of flooring- especially as one mark could require an entire floor being re-carpeted, causing huge disruption.


Prevent unnecessary or early replacement

As mentioned above, the costs in resources and time of replacing an entire office carpet because the damage it would receive was initially underestimated, can be huge. At home similarly, it can be a big, unwanted expense. Take care to preserve your flooring and keep it clean, and protected in high traffic areas. Taking simple steps to limit the wear and tear on your carpet, and ensuring you use a suitably durable design, can save you a fortune in repairs or replacements in the long run.


Check out our guide to choosing the best flooring for your home here and for the workplace here.



Insulate your home or office

Heating can be expensive, especially in older buildings. Adding a well-made carpet can keep heat from escaping into floors and ceilings, and under doors. Used alongside double glazing it provides savings in heating costs whether for your home or your office. Similarly sound can be a disruptive and unwelcome disturbance in your home or office. Ensuring you anticipate this when choosing your carpet helps avoid unwanted adjustments, or expensive additional measures needed to prevent intrusion.


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