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How can you carpet your bathroom?

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

What’s the secret to carpeting your bathroom?

Carpeting bathrooms is a controversial choice- most homeowners shrink in fear from the moisture-trapping potential of carpet in such a wet environment. But there are ways you can enjoy the warmth and luxury of a carpeted bathroom- without needing to worry about spills and condensation damaging your floors.

  1. Limit moisture

This is fairly straightforward- if you can, leave a space around your bath and shower covered in LVT or vinyl, and remember to always use a large, very absorbent and plastic-backed mat around the edge of the bath, shower and toilet. Don’t use your carpet as a substitute for a bath mat- doing this will definitely expose you carpet to water.

  1. Use a water-resistant carpet

This is not a catch-all solution, but it will definitely help limit water absorption, while also providing peace of mind for the future. This means using a synthetic fabric such as nylon, which is mildew resistant and extra durable, which will definitely reduce the risk of moisture building up. Wool, on the other hand, while great elsewhere, should definitely be avoided.

  1. Choose a shallow pile

Speed of drying is a big factor in the fight against moisture build up. Ensuring good temperature control and ventilation will definitely help- but your chances of keeping your carpet dry will definitely improve with a shallow pile, where the water can escape more easily.

There are other steps you can take to protect your carpet, such as using carpet tiles, which can be more easily removed, or adding a sub-floor to help prevent water passing through, and using waterproof carpet glue. All of these are worth considering (especially the latter) however they’re more suited to damage control than prevention- if you’re relying on a sub-floor layer, too much water is passing through the carpet. Prevention is better than the cure, and if you take care with your carpet and reduce moisture, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a luxuriously-carpeted bathroom.

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