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What’s the best flooring for rented accommodation?

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

  Buying a carpet for let accommodation? If you’re a landlord, you know all too well the need to balance the considerations that come with letting a house. The attractiveness of the property, and the quality of life of your tenants, is a priority, but outfitting your property with the richest luxury décor available isn’t … Continue reading

Cheap carpeting without the risk: when budget carpets can save your redesign- and your bank balance

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

Discover how budget carpets can save your redesign and create a stylish new look for your home When it comes to redecorating, you get what you pay for. The value and appearance of your home is reflected in the quality of your purchase, not the savings you make. Unfortunately, sometimes reality strikes. Nobody has an … Continue reading

Carpet cleaning: our guide to the top five offenders

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

Learn how to shift the most common carpet stains We all want a clean, pleasant home- unfortunately for our carpets it can sometimes seem like fate (and gravity!) have different ideas. Luckily there are lots of ways to ensure your new carpet stays as clean, fresh and bright, often using the most everyday products. Here’s … Continue reading

How to get the most from your showroom visit

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

With the New Year firmly upon us, many homeowners are choosing to redesign their interiors. If you’re seeking to create a bright new space, a cosy refuge or somewhere in between, we’re here to help you discover the perfect carpet for your home. Here’s our guide to making sure you get the most possible from … Continue reading

Freezing your socks off? Let your feet meet the heat with Pyramid Carpets

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

If your feet are feeling the freeze this winter, don’t suffer in silence: savvy carpeting can keep you (and your guests) warm & cosy from head to toe! If thick socks and fluffy slippers are a must on your floor, discover the ways you can upgrade your carpet to avoid the cold. Friends, relatives & neighbours … Continue reading

Why use underlay with laminate?

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

In our last post we discussed the ways investing in underlay can save you money when planning to recarpet your home. However one of the common questions people ask about is whether you should use it on ‘hard’ floors, such as laminate, vinyl or karndean. How do you judge which options proves the most convincing, … Continue reading

Underlay: a long term money saver

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

The first steps into your house should be, if nothing else, a welcome home. To guests, they should define that all important first impression. If touch is the most complex sense, then your feet get the best sense of your surroundings, whether you (or your visitors) know it or not. That means you need to … Continue reading

Budget carpets and getting the modern office look

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

Have you considered reducing your office overheads with cheap carpets? Sheffield businesses are saving money though inexpensive office redecorating that meets a wide variety of needs while     Boost your image, not your bills – Budget Carpets that stand out   First impressions are everything, they say, and in many cases will outweigh other … Continue reading

Rugs vs Wood: Should you cover your wooden floors?

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

Contemplating a rug for your hardwood or karndean floor? Here are a few things to consider: Grip Wooden floors can be notoriously slippery. Without shoes on it can be easy to lose grip: however a rug is not always guaranteed to solve this problem. Nonetheless, those worried about safely walking on their wooden or karndean … Continue reading

How can a good carpet save you money?

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

  When decorating your home, a long term-vision for the improvements you want to make is essential. Redesigning on a whim, or making decisions based on the short term, only sets you up for disappointment in the future. The need to make sensible long-term decisions can be increased by the cost of a redesign, especially … Continue reading