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Rugs vs Wood: Should you cover your wooden floors?

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

Contemplating a rug for your hardwood or karndean floor? Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Grip

Wooden floors can be notoriously slippery. Without shoes on it can be easy to lose grip: however a rug is not always guaranteed to solve this problem. Nonetheless, those worried about safely walking on their wooden or karndean floor might consider covering their floor with a rug, even just in particularly high-traffic areas.

  1. Light

The shade of your flooring decides a great deal of the light in the room. One of the popular aspects to owning a wooden or wood-effect floor is the bright, yet elegant appearance that comes with it. Unfortunately, covering a wooden floor with a rug can darken the room- instead of that bright, reflective surface, natural light becomes sucked in to heavy fabric. Consider the dispersal of light on your wooden or wood-effect floor. If the room itself is a little shaded, you could regret covering your floor.

  1. Protection

On the other hand, a wooden floor is susceptible to scratching, splintering and even staining if you’re not careful. A rug can be easily removed, washed, and hung outside if dirtied- it can even be replaced if needed, more easily than a fixed carpet and far more so than a wooden floor. Even a thin rug can absorb damage, and act as a tough protective surface to keep your wooden floor safe & shining. In addition, a carefully-placed rug can cover previous damage or staining.

  1. Furniture

Adding a rug beneath your furniture can protect your floor from damage from heavy feet or the impact of items falling off. However be certain to use the right size of rug for your room and the furniture inside- too many angles and overlapping corners can make a room seem cluttered. In addition, furniture can cause rugs to ride up and sit unevenly.

  1. Moisture

Real wood flooring and moisture don’t mix well- and if your house suffers from moisture problems it can be worth considering a rug to go over boards. Unlike a carpet- which would trap moisture beneath the underlay- a rug permits air flow to limit damp build up and preserve the wood. In the bathroom, similarly, bath mats can do a lot to protect your floor boards without concentrating moisture next the wood. As mentioned above, the ability to remove and wash rugs with more ease than a carpet helps prevent many of the problems of prolonged exposure to water and dirt from occurring.


Pyramid Carpets can offer great value deals on rugs and real or imitation wooden flooring that can help any room of the house feel more like home. Our range of products cover a huge array of household and commercial uses, offering durability and style without compromising on price. Contact us for more information about how we can help you find the best possible flooring, carpet or rug for your needs.

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