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The Benefits of LVT, or Luxury Vinyl Flooring – With Infographic!

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets Team

The versatility, resilience and style of luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) have made this type of flooring a favoured choice in many homes. When installed properly by a professional, LVT flooring can tolerate heavy foot traffic and withstand moisture without warping, making it very popular with homeowners across the country. These are not the only benefits of LVT flooring; in fact, it boasts a plethora of qualities which can help improve performance and style within the home. Take a look at the infographic and article below to find out more!

The benefits of luxury vinyl tile floors

Summary of the LVT infographic

Easy to clean

The low maintenance, easy to clean nature of LVT flooring makes it ideally suited in bathrooms and kitchens where the risk of spillages and stains is incredibly high. When cleaning LVT flooring, you must use a damp mop once a week to:

– protect against scratches and fading

– wipe away any spills


Whilst the initial cost of LVT flooring may be slightly higher than other types, when installed correctly it offers long lasting style and functionality, making it a truly worthy investment. As a highly practical solution, benefits of LVT flooring include its:

– ability to retain its high performance throughout its lifespan of 25-30 years

– resistance to scratches, chips, cracks and wear and tear

– durable design

– compatibility with underfloor heating

– ability to withstand high moisture levels without warping, making it perfectly suited for bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories


In comparison with other types of flooring, when looked after properly LVT flooring is guaranteed to continue looking its best for many years to come. Popular for its versatile design, LVT flooring:

– can be laid vertically, horizontally or diagonally

– is available in a wide range of designs, finishes and effects

– offers a stunning, polished appearance


Safety is paramount in all homes, particularly those with young children who will be running through the property. As such, it’s important to choose a type of flooring which has substantial grip and will not cause your kids to take a tumble whilst playing. Guaranteeing superior safety, LVT flooring has:

– undergone rigorous testing for slip resistance

– achieved a strong slip rating of R10


More information on LVT flooring

Vinyl makes a great flooring option as it suits every décor and budget. When installed correctly, this material is highly resistant to scratches and dents, especially in rooms with high traffic. Below are some of the top reasons every homeowner should shop for luxury vinyl flooring.

Roll of vinyl flooring

Vinyl is easy to clean

When it comes to cleaning the floors, nothing beats vinyl. To keep your new vinyl floor sparkling, just damp mop it regularly in order to protect against scratches and fading. Even if you accidentally spill something on the floor, it can easily be wiped away using a damp cloth. A simple weekly mop will keep your floor looking in tip top condition.


Simple to install

The installation options vary depending on the type of vinyl floor that’s chosen, but no matter what your handyman skill level is, you’ll easily be able to install the vinyl sheets. Most of these products come with fiberglass backing that doesn’t require any gluing. The simple-to-install tiles let you come up with your custom designs and colours.


Highly durable and hard wearing

Most homeowners prefer luxury vinyl tiles because of their durability. Unlike wooden floors, tiles are scratch resistant and hard wearing so your guests won’t be able to mark them with their high heels. In addition, vinyl tiles won’t chip or crack unlike their ceramic or stone counterparts and will therefore retain their appearance throughout their lifespan.


Designer appearance

You can be as creative as you want thanks to luxury vinyl tiles. By using design strips to create the exact look you desire, you will be able to customise your floor the way you want. Wooden floors or laminate can only be laid across the width or length of the room, whereas vinyl tiles give you the option of laying them diagonally with borders.


No pattern repeats

Your flooring is given a natural feeling thanks to the extra long sizes of the tiles. There are many different designs to choose from, each made with an innovative printing technique that gives the tile a truly unique appearance.


Slip resistance

Whether you want your luxury vinyl flooring to fit in your lounge, bedroom, or hallway, this product makes a perfect slip-resistant solution. The manufacturers of vinyl flooring carry out numerous tests before guaranteeing the safety and strength of their vinyl products. Look for slip rating of R10 the next time you’re shopping for vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring

If you are looking for different types of luxury vinyl flooring, contact us today at Pyramid Carpets and our team will be happy to help you find the right flooring for your needs.

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