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Underlay: a long term money saver

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

The first steps into your house should be, if nothing else, a welcome home. To guests, they should define that all important first impression. If touch is the most complex sense, then your feet get the best sense of your surroundings, whether you (or your visitors) know it or not. That means you need to invest in the right flooring: but what if you’re constricted by a tight budget? Fortunately you can plan and save in the long term with sensible investments that save you money in the long run. Below you can discover our guide to long-term saving through the careful use of an all-too-often disregarded friend of your floor: carpet underlay.

Budgeting is vital to getting your redecoration project done. Adapting to the needs of your space and resources means taking decisions that get you maximum value for money. This is where the genius of underlay really stands out. Investing in underlay along with even a budget carpet can produce a comfortable, quality feel while preserving your carpet and cutting bills (more on these below)- in short, it’s a cheap way of producing a top-drawer floor. The cost of underlay combined with a carpet will be lower than the cost of a top-quality carpet alone- a top-quality carpet that might quickly wear out without underlay to reinforce it. So if you’re looking to save money, preserve your carpet’s look- and your budget- use underlay.


Protect your carpet

A carpet without underlay rarely lasts as long. Heavy foot traffic grinds the carpet into the solid flooring, unstitching fabric and causing damage to your carpet, leaving it threadbare, faded and lifeless. Underlay protects even budget carpets from wear and tear, saving you money in the long term by reducing costs both on your carpet choice and by preserving it, giving you better value for money.


Lower your energy bills

Want a warmer home? Upgrade your insulation with underlay and enjoy lower energy bills. Underlay cushions your carpet, providing an extra layer of insulation, and protection from moisture from condensation as well as draughts. By doing more to control the loss of heat, the addition of underlay can reduce your long term energy costs. This insulation doesn’t just apply to heat: sound is also controlled by underlay, while general wear and tear on the boards themselves can be reduced by its use.


Not just an expensive add-on, underlay can add years of life to your carpet, save you money and improve comfort. Why not consider upgrading your flooring with underlay?

why use underlay

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