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How To Measure A Room For Fitting New Flooring

Redecorating your home can be an exciting time. It gives you the chance to change the whole feeling evoked when you enter a room and refresh what might have been some stale looking decor around your home.
Whether you’re looking to lay down a new carpet or making a change to luxury vinyl tile, one of the most important steps you need to take before you buy your flooring is that you need to measure the room in order to know the amount of carpet or flooring material you need. This will mean that you will know the right amount of material to buy and help you save money.

How To Take Room Measurements

In order to ensure they you don’t buy any more material than you need and create wasted material. You need to calculate the size of the room that you’re laying the carpet in.
To accurately measure the room you’re looking to carpet, you will need:
A tape measure
A pen and paper to write measurements
If the room you’re measuring is a square or rectangle, this process will be straightforward. To work out the m2 area of the room’s floor, you will need to times the length of the room by the width.
If the room isn’t a perfect square or rectangular like if there is structure that sticks out of a wall, like a chimney, you will need to work out the length and width of room and the length and width of the chimney. To work out the area of the room you just simply take away the size of the structure away from the size of the room.

How Measurements Translate To Buying Your Carpet Or Flooring Material

If you’re looking to buy a carpet, you will need to buy a roll of carpet that best fits the surface area of the room. This way, you’ll be able to lay the carpet out across the floor of the room and cut the carpet around any obstructions like fireplaces, or chimneys. As well as carpets, this approach also applies to lino flooring or any other type of flooring that you can buy in rolls.
If you’re buying flooring that comprises of smaller pieces that fit together like carpet tiles, you need to buy enough material to cover the floor’s surface area. It would be helpful to purchase a little extra material that can be cut to fit into any awkward spaces in your floor.
At Pyramid Carpets we sell a huge range of carpets, Luxury Vinyl Tiles, and other flooring options to help you give your home a new lease of life. Contact us by emailing or calling 0114 255 5553 to find more about our free home visit service, or visit our showroom.


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I contacted Pyramid Carpets to supply and fit Karndean to my new refurbished narrow-boat based in Daventry. The estimator Paul and the fitter Mark carried out a magnificent job to a tight budget and within a short timescale. I am highly delighted with the finished floor. 

I wanted a new carpet for my lounge and found Pyramid carpets on the internet. I booked the choose at home service. The estimator arrived and provided me with a range of samples and ideas which I chose and had fitted within a couple of days. A very fast and efficient service from Pyramid Carpets, thanks. 

We chose Pyramid carpets to fit new carpets to our bedrooms and Hall, stairs & landing. The service was good and the fitter was very proffessional and did a great job. I will certainly be using Pyramid carpets again in the future. 

Fantastic service from start to finish, I would highly recommend Pyramid carpets. 

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