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Engineered Wood Flooring Vs Solid Hardwood flooring: Everything You Need To Know

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

Whether you’re looking to redecorate your entire home or just spruce up a few rooms, it’s good to understand what your options are in terms of what materials you’d like to use. While you’re weighing up your options for what flooring you’re going to use in your home, you may have considered using wood. Wooden … Continue reading

How much could I save by upgrading my carpet?

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

Want to save money on your heating bills this winter? Consider upgrading floors to carpet! As the weather gets colder, many of us start to think about better ways to warm our homes. With energy bills increasing, relying on heating alone can be an expensive option. Insulating your home better can cut bills and keep … Continue reading

Flooring Tips: 5 Things To Think About

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

For some of us, choosing flooring for your home is easy. Some of us just find a carpet they like the look of without taking into account all the benefits or setbacks that certain flooring styles can bring to your home. When choosing between flooring options for your home, there are many factors to consider. … Continue reading

Top carpet tips to help you love coming home

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

  Does your floor say welcome home or wear & tear? How does walking through the door make you feel? Your home is perhaps the one place you can realise your interior design dreams, flex your creative muscles and build a space you feel completely, perfectly at ease. It’s a space you love. All too … Continue reading

How can you carpet your bathroom?

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

What’s the secret to carpeting your bathroom? Carpeting bathrooms is a controversial choice- most homeowners shrink in fear from the moisture-trapping potential of carpet in such a wet environment. But there are ways you can enjoy the warmth and luxury of a carpeted bathroom- without needing to worry about spills and condensation damaging your floors. … Continue reading

Why use an accredited carpet fitter?

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

Fitting your new carpet? Why we recommend using a certified expert    Upgrading your carpet is a big step- it can cost a lot and make a difference to the feel, appearance, and even price, of your home. Getting your carpet fitted by an accredited expert can easily feel like an unnecessary additional expense- and … Continue reading

How to choose the right flooring

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

Patterned or plain? Bold or neutral? How to choose the perfect flooring shade for your room   Unless you’re an interior design expert, choosing your new flooring is likely to leave you with a twinge of doubt. What looks great in the showroom, when actually fitted, might show dirt, seem gloomy or bland or just … Continue reading

5 reasons to consider vinyl for your next flooring project

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

Vinyl Flooring from Pyramid Carpets: A practical, stylish choice A well-chosen floor can transform any room; discover why with our five-point guide   Versatile and easy to manage Vinyl flooring is the ultimate versatile floor surface, perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms and wet rooms. It’s incredibly easy to cut & adjust, fitted in minutes … Continue reading

The best carpets for hay fever sufferers – and which to avoid

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

  We all look forward to summer- but for some it can be a challenging time. Hay fever season usually rolls around in late summer and can be difficult for people across the UK. Open windows to let in a warm summer breeze can open your home up to unwelcome visitors much smaller and harder … Continue reading

Introducing beds from Pyramid Carpets!

Posted on by Pyramid Carpets

Sheffield’s leading supplier of cheap carpets has a new addition to their catalogue- a huge range of beds & mattresses! We’re proud to showcase such a comprehensive selection of quality beds, including specialist models, along with a wide range of bedroom furniture. Our team of experts are here to help you select the perfect bed … Continue reading