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What Are The Best Pet-Friendly Carpet And Flooring Options?

If you are looking to redecorate your house and you own a pet, there are several factors to consider when you look at flooring options. The same goes for the flooring options that are already in your home if you’re looking at bringing a new pet into the house.
While pets can really bring a home together, they also present some new home challenges that you wouldn’t necessarily have faced before. Pets, especially dogs, can be messy and unpredictable when it comes to their behaviour around the house and can leave you feeling like you can’t keep up with keeping your floors clean.
Dogs can easily tread dirt through your house after a long muddy walk, cats are known to bring small animals home and leave them on the floor. Even smaller pets like hamsters can create a mess from kicking sawdust our of their cages.
We’re here to give you some good ideas for what pet-friendly flooring options are out there and how you can easily take care of your floors and carpets.

Pet-Friendly Carpets

As well as making sure that you have a floor that’s easier to clean, you also need to take your pet’s comfort and well-being into account. Whilst requiring slightly more work to keep clean, carpet has the added benefit of giving your pets something more cushioned to walk around on and lay on when they’re tired.
Your pet’s paws are very similar to your feet in that they can feel uncomfortable and ache when walking around on an uncomfortable hard floor. Carpets also have the added benefit of not being scratched by your pets if they happen to have long claws.
However, when choosing your carpet, you should consider the length and thickness of the carpet tuft. The longer and thicker the tuft can be more difficult to clean as mud and hair can get trapped inside it. It also might be a better idea to go with a darker colour for your carpets. As pets can tread dirt around the house which over time can dull the look of a lighter coloured carpet.

Easy-To-Clean Pet-Friendly Flooring

If you’re looking for and cheaper, and easier to maintain flooring option for your pets, then you can go wrong looking at installing lino or vinyl flooring.
Linoleum, or lino flooring, is a durable plastic and a more cost-effective alternative to LVT flooring. It’s easy to clean and wouldn’t break the bank to replace once your pets are more house trained or if they are less active as they get older.
Vinyl flooring is a synthetic flooring material that is used by people looking for similar-looking flooring alternatives to hardwood. Vinyl flooring is durable, easy-to-clean and cost-effective, making it perfect for pet owners.

Extra Tips On Keeping Your Floors In Good Condition With Pets

Your pets can have sharp nails which can scratch most hardwood or LVT flooring. Make sure you trim your pet’s nails regularly to avoid them scratching your floors.
Clean up any spillages or mess immediately to avoid them leaving lasting marks and damage to your flooring
Secure any bowls or water containers by either placing them on rubber placemats or by using special no-tip bowls.
If you own a dog or cat, try and prevent them from walking on muddy parts of your garden, or just keep them on the pavement on rainy days.
In the case, if you own a dog, place a towel on the floor inside of your door, then when you get home from a walk, thoroughly wipe down your dog paws as soon as you walk through the door. This should remove most of the dirt.
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